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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween May Be Over, But...

....the vampires linger on! This week I welcome Irene Brodsky, author of Poetry Unplugged, as a guest blogger with her own special tribute to Barnabas Collins, starring vampire in the 1960's soap opera, Dark Shadows. The erstwhile TV drama is coming soon as a feature film starring Johnny Depp as Barnabas. Now THAT'S going to be a sexy vampire you can really sink your teeth into (I said as much to Jonathan Frid recently, but he just replied "Bite me.").

Do you remember “Dark Shadows” starring Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins? If you do, you will be thrilled to death to know that the handsome 176-year old vampire is back in town, thanks to Johnny Depp & Tim Burton. So hide your necks and wear garlic every night! I have no shame to say I can hardly wait to see Johnny Depp as Barnabas. I remember Depp from “Cry Baby” & “Edward Scissorhands.” At my age, 63, I should behave myself and not have silly crushes on tall, dark and handsome vampires, so let’s keep this a secret….o.k.? But just in case you want to confess you are just dying to see Barnabas again, drop me a line at Chayarochel@aol.com, and we can giggle about it!!! Meanwhile, enjoy these video blasts from the past:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37neU5D9jj8“DARK SHADOWS”

My personal tribute to Barnabas Collins:

I remember Dark Shadows in the year 1969
A soap opera about Barnabas Collins
A handsome vampire… Creature of the night
Roaming the countryside for the taste of fresh blood.
Oh! To be free of this curse!
He never gave up for a cure to be found.
Oh! To be human once again!
To marry the love of his life.
for she knew not what he was and he dare not say!
Alas the time has arrived!
Barnabas must hurry on his way.
A miraculous potion has been made by a Doctor of shady intentions.
And Barnabas rushed to him with great anticipation
In the dark shadows, under a weeping willow tree
The evil Doctor awaited in the fog.
The magic potion beckoned to Barnabas
and he raised it to his parched lips.
Oh! To be human at last!
Then, the greedy Doctor declared to take all that Barnabas owned
Barnabas agreed to pay, but he had other intentions!
He made his choice to taste fresh blood
one more time!
In the Dark Shadows of the deadly forest
under the weeping willow tree,
the sneaky doctor’s blood flowed
until he was no more.
And Barnabas married the love of his life
The Dark Shadows were far behind them
Hopefully sunny days awaited
up ahead.
But Oh! What I would not give
To turn back the hands of time to 1969
To know if Barnabas and his new bride
were safe and happy?
I wish I knew!

And so, my dear readers, I bid you goodnight, don’t let the bedbug bite, watch out for bats and avoid hypnotic eyes! Till we meet again…

I remain, Irene.


Cynthia Polansky
"Expect the Unexpected"


Dennis S Martin said...

I wasn't necessarily a fanor follower of Dark Shadows, but I remember the times. There were a lot of good shows back then. Mostly, I remember 1969 because that was the year I was drafted into the Army. Talk about dark shadows!
Congratulations, Irene. I am a big fan.

Dianne Borsenik said...

Irene: very nice tribute to the show I remember and still love. Dark Shadows RULES! And I can't wait to see what Burton and Depp do with it...!

campus cat said...

Special thanks to Dennis S. Martin and Dianne Borsenik for responding to my Tribute to Dark Shadows.
Mr. Martin and Ms. Borsenik are wonderful poets. I am very fortunate to be associated with them!
irene brodsky


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