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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Schmear Campaign

What ever happened to the high road? Good manners? Casting not the first stone?

Each presidential election seems to sink farther down into the quagmire of negative campaigns. With all the mud-slinging, it's hard to discern whom the TV ads are promoting. Good thing it happens only once every four-to-eight years. Imagine what it would be like if professional writers engaged in such promotional schmear tactics:

(unflattering close-up still photo slowly fills screen, revealing every cavernous pore, as voiceover speaks)

You wouldn't let a doctor who's never operated perform your surgery. You wouldn't board an airplane with a pilot who's never flown. But you'd publish work by an author who can't even stick to a single genre? The New York Times bestseller list is no place for on-the-job-training.

Cynthia Polansky's radical views on authorship don't resonate with Joe the Reader. America needs novels that are tried and true, like Reader's Digest Condensed Books -- Large Print Edition. So this November 4th, let's bring back the kind of reading material that shows what Americans are really made of.

I'm Danielle Steel and I approved this message. *

Happy Election Day!
* this post is for entertainment purposes only and does not represent any actual opinions expressed by celebrity authors or politicians.

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One Man and his Dogs said...

Terrible thought - next thing they'll be saying the same about certain British historical writers. Banning their books in the US. Though judging by my overseas sales figures, they probably already do :-(


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