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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Lovely Johnson Lane" Has a Buddy

At last, my list of really odd street names has another item! For almost a year now, Lovely Johnson Lane in Annapolis, Maryland has been the sole occupant of this photo-list, despite pleas for submissions of oddly named street signs and their locations. Maybe this will break the stalemate. I give you:

When I picture a boulevard, I see a very broad road with a wide island divider, usually with pretty landscaping and/or decorative. A and Eagle Boulevard is a short street in the Parole district of Annapolis leading to a service-oriented business, (no "A" or "Eagle" in the company name, either) with lots of trucks. No island, no landscaping, no signage, which is probably why I've long overlooked this candidate for the list. Definitely the road less traveled, more of a lane than a boulevard.

In the tradition of street signs, all letters are capitalized. Ergo, "AND" is all caps and disturbing to my grammatical sensibilities. The first letter wouldn't be capitalized, since proper sentences never begin with "and" (those of us who remember Schoolhouse Rock are humming Conjunction Junction, what's your function? right about now). Does "AND" have a different function here, perhaps an adjective, identifying a type of eagle? It's a stretch, yes, but who would have thought that wawa is a species of waterfowl and not just a convenience store?

Why all this analysis of a street sign? Darned if I know. In fact, I just realized what an unusual person I must be to even conduct such an analysis, let alone blog about it for all to see. At least I'm living up to my tagline!

"Expect the Unexpected"

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